Nitro Circus


Nitro Circus slot machine game by Yggdrasil will have you riding your dirt bike to the finish line. Stunt your way into this adrenaline junky game that consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. Nitro Circus video slot features Wilds, Multipliers, Free Spins, a Nitro Blast Mini Game and a Nitro Jump Bonus Game,

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  • Nitro Circus is a video slot that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 25 paylines.
  • Coin size ranges from €0.004 to €5.00 and bet size ranges from €0.10 to €125.
  • To start playing, choose the coin denomination and game rounds, and hit “Spins”.
  • This game features Wilds, Free Spins, Multipliers, a Mini game and a Bonus game.


Nitro Circus is a sports themed slot machine game inspired by Motocross, the only difference is that all forms of vehicles are involved. The adrenaline jumping game has its transparent reels set against a race track backdrop with bikers riding and flying across the screen. The music played throughout the duration of the game fits the action theme of the game, it gets your blood pumping.

There are seven regular symbols in the game. There are four high paying symbols and they are represented by 4 different male riders. The highest paying symbol is a guy in a red baseball hat and he awards 50 times your bet for a five of a kind. The three low paying symbols are represented by helmets that come in colours brown, green and blue. There are two special symbols, a bomb and a Wild symbol. A win occurs when 3 more symbols appear on a payline, beginning from the reel 1. The game has a return to the player advantage of 97.0%.


The Wild symbol is represented by a golden fire with stars below it and the word “WILD” written across it. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other regular symbols.


The Nitro Bomb symbol is represented by a black bomb with a thunder stamp. The symbol triggers the Nitro Free Spins or the Nitro Blast Mini Game.


There are 7 vehicle symbols in this game and they are used to trigger the Nitro Jump Bonus game. They also appear in the Nitro Mini game and Nitro warm up Jumps. The 7 vehicles include a FMX, a BXM, a Scooter, a Rocking horse, a bathtub, a reclining couch and a mini car.


The Nitro Blast Mini game feature is triggered when 2 Nitro bombs land anywhere on the reels in the base game. Player chooses a bomb from 5 bombs to reveal one of the following prizes:

  • Free Spins feature – with 10 to 30 Free Spins.
  • Adds 1 vehicle to your collection – Add a reclining couch, a rocking horse, mini car or a bathtub.
  • Nitro Wild – Nitro Bombs explode in the main game and turn between 3 to 9 symbol in the blast radius into wilds.
  • Free Spin Multiplier – Increases the multiplier by 1 (in the Free Spins feature)
  • Extra Free Spins – an additional 1, 2 or 3 Free Spins (in the Free Spins feature)


The Free Spins feature is activated when at least 3 Nitro Bombs land anywhere on the reels in the base game. A player starts off with a 2x multiplier and the number of multipliers depend on the number of Nitro Bombs you land on the reels. The number of Nitro Bombs will award the following:

  • 3 Nitro Bombs = 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Nitro Bombs = 20 Free Spins
  • 5 Nitro Bombs = 30 Free Spins

The multiplier can be increased in the Nitro Blast Mini game. The Free Spins can be retriggered.


There are two ways to activate the Nitro Jump Bonus feature. Either by using the vehicle collection method or the ‘NITRO’ letter method.


The Nitro Jump Bonus game is triggered when a player collects 5 identical vehicles. A new player is awarded a rocking horse vehicle at the start of the game. All vehicles have their own characteristics and benefits. Better tricks from your vehicle will award bigger the cash prize from the judges, bigger cars are able to collect more cash prizes from the air and the more boost your car has the higher the multiplier on your final jump. Each vehicle offers the following.

  • Bathtub – tricks 3/5, size 2/5, boost 5/5
  • Reclining Couch – tricks 2/5, size 3/5, boost 5/5
  • Mini Car – tricks 2/5, size 5/5, boost 5/5
  • Rocking Horse – tricks 5/5, size 4/5, boost ⅕


Another way to activate the Nitro Jump Bonus method is by landing all the ‘NITRO’ letters in one spin. A player can then choose from the following vehicles:

  • FMX – tricks 3/5, size 2/5, boost 3/5
  • BMX – tricks 2/5, size 3/5, boost 1/5
  • Scooter – tricks 2/5, size 5/5, boost 3/5

Players are awarded 3 warm up jumps and 1 final boost jump. The 3 warm up jumps are scored by the judges and can award between 5 to 300 coins each, depending on the type of trick done. There are other prizes to be won in the 3 warm up jumps. The player can collect up to 6 prizes from the warm up jump, they include:

  • 25 coin prize
  • Speed boost for final jump
  • Final jump multiplier
  • Vehicles

After the 3 warm up jumps, the final Nitro Boost Jump takes place. More boost can be manually added during the final jump for a better landing multiplier, but it increases your chances of crashing out and losing the landing multiplier. If you crash out, a cash prize between 20 - 100 coins is still awarded.