Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Slot Machine

The amusing and colorful Chinese New Year slot machine is inspired by the traditions associated with the passing of the year and it gives a joyful and festive experience, among other rewarding functions. The game has wild symbols, scatters that can trigger the free spins mode and bonus symbols that will start a mini-game based on fireworks with a payout of up to 150x the total bet.

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Chinese New Year Slot Machine: general information and characteristics

  • Wild symbol of the Chinese New Year Slot Machine
  • A festive atmosphere and cute characters are the hallmarks of the theme of the Chinese New Year slot machine, and of course it has very attractive graphics, which can play to perfection a typical celebration of the Chinese New Year, and a game system based on 5 reels, 15 paylines and the presence of three different special symbols: the Wild, Scatter and Bonus. One of the main aspects that immediately manages to give the slot a cheerful and dynamic look is certainly the attention to detail for the representation and the choice of the characters depicted by the various graphic symbols, ranging from the Tiger, the dragon and to the Monkey, all symbols made popular in the Chinese culture and which are classically associated with various years. Some of these also are among other things associated, in addition to their winning combinations or cash prizes, to functions or bonus modes, as in the case of example of the Tiger symbol, the Wild of the slot. This symbol is in fact able to compose winning combinations by playing the role of any needed regular card and also create its own high paying combinations. The bonus symbol is represented by the dragon and three of them on the screen will trigger the bonus game where players can win up to 150 times the size of the total bet. The monkey symbols are the scatters and they award the free spins with a nice additional twist. During the free spins, an extra scatter is activated from the list of regular symbols and they have the same payout based on the total bet as the normal scatters. All of the animals on the reels were designed to look cute and the mouse is the highest paying one from the normal list of icons, followed by the bull, the rabbit and the snake. Five more animals cover the lower paying symbols and make sure that the Chinese New Year slot machine has no need for card icons with such nice symbols.