Aliens Slot Machine

Aliens, the online slot machine made by NetEnt, is undoubtedly the most anticipated game of the entire year in 2014. Thanks to a fascinating story, great graphics in 3D and a game that is on 3 different levels, each with different and exciting special features, the slot machine Aliens promises not to leave disappointed fans of the horror-science fiction genre.

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Aliens Slot Machine: general information and characteristics

  • The Wild symbol of the slot machine Aliens
  • The slot machine Aliens is the official game of the famous science fiction - horror films of the 80's directed by James Cameron and set in 2179, in which the human race has to fight for survival against the monstrous alien creatures. It is these alien creatures that are represented among the 5 reels of this slot machine made ​​with the use of technologies in 3d and has 3 different levels of play. The number of paylines activated is 15. It starts with "The Search", in which you will explore some areas in search of alien creatures. During this stage of the game, each winning spin will activate multipliers of winnings that will appear on the screen and that will be applied to regular symbols. When the bar is filled, it will activate the second level of play, or "The Encounter", where you have to overcome the alien attacks and reach the hive queen. To do that you'll get the ammunition during the game thanks to the roller and the exploding grenades. Completing level 2 is not the end as you will have to complete the third level, the "The Hive", in which the task will be to destroy the Hive Queen by exploiting the health meter Hive, with 4 goals, each of which corresponds to a different prize token. The slot machine Aliens has no shortage of Wild symbols, which act as a wildcards.