Alchemedes Slot Machine


Alchymedes slot machine game from Yggdrasil game is filled with colourful potions and all things wizardry. This is a combination of Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist movies. It consists of 5 reels, 4 rows and 60 paylines. Get be mystical enchanted with Wilds, Multipliers and a Bonus Feature.

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  • Alchymedes is a video slot machine that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 60 paylines.
  • Coin size ranges from £0.01 to £2.00 and bet size ranges from £0.60 to £60.00.
  • To start playing, choose the number of coins per payline, and hit “Spins”.
  • This game features Autoplay, Wilds and Wild Patterns, Multipliers and a Bonus Feature.


Alchymedes game is a magical themed slot game right out of the Harry Potter movie and the Brotherhood anime, but its origin stems from the ancient Greek mathematician, Alchimedes. This slot game is filled portions in various colours and spells that can be cast on paylines for awesome winning combinations. The game is set in a scientist’s laboratory with spell books and skull lamps to light the way.

The high paying symbols are four portions in glass containers. They come in the colour purple, red, blue and green. The low paying symbols are four card suits encased in spell patterns. The suits also come in the colour purple, red, blue and green. These 8 symbols pay when 3 or more land in a sequence on a payline, starting from the left or from the right. The game has a return to player advantage is 96.1%.


The aim of the game is to complete each level by marking all the 20 symbol positions with line wins (symbols have a gold plate background). The marked symbols remain like that till the end of the level. The state of the level is saved for each bet size and if the bet size changes, the corresponding level change applies.


The Wild symbol is represented by the word ‘WILD’ on a green background or the word ‘WILD’ hovering over a goblet cup. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols. A random Wild Pattern is drawn for each level and remains the same till the end of the level. There are 15,000 Wild patterns in this game. All Wild symbols that lands on the reels spread across to the pattern. The Wild symbols do not spread beyond the pattern in the game area.


A 1x multiplier applies to each level, but it is only awarded when a level has been completed. The multiplier can increase randomly during each spin by 1 to 5 times and the level completion is capped at 100x.


An alchemist’s scale appears when each level has been completed. There is an option to choose between adding more Wild portions (green) or Multiplier portions (red). More Wild portions increase the Wild Pattern potential and more Multiplier portions increase the Multiplier potential.


The Bonus feature is triggered randomly at the beginning of each level and awards one of six features: 100 to 200 coins to be paid out at the end of the level, a 2x Multiplier, a 3x starting Multiplier, 1 extra Wild Pattern position, 2 extra Wild Pattern positions and a level completion Multiplier that increases on every spin.