Party Casino Is Building A Tower Of Bonuses In February

Feb 09

Party Casino has launched its latest promotion that will see to reward players with big prizes if they build the tower big enough. The promo started with the month and it will end on February 28th, so there is plenty of time remaining to get building.

Called The Tower, this Party Casino special features an entire collection of prizes and each player has a shot at winning a share of the pool. The top prize for non-VIP customers is of $500, while VIPs can look forward to a prize of $2,500 if the tower is high enough.

Laying the Foundation

In order to take part in the promotion, players must first opt in on the official website and the special is available for every user that sees it. Once registered for the promo, the only thing left to do is play the eligible games that cover slots, progressive slots and raffle jackpot slots. While there are two different sections depending on the level within the reward program, it is safe to say that every player can get a nice prize by simply betting real money.

In order to be eligible for a prize, each user must meet the necessary ratio of days/points and a player can only be eligible for one prize.

Cashing in the Prizes

The great thing about The Tower is that players get prizes based on how high they build and these start from as little as $0.25, (or $1 for VIP) but quickly go up the 30 levels to reach $500 ($2,500 for VIP).

The easiest way to get prizes is to play every day as only 10 points (50 for VIP) are needed to be earned in a day in order to qualify. Building has never been easier and by the time the month is over, The Tower should be big enough to generate a nice prize in bonus money.