Yggdrasil Looking to Franchise Content Via New Avenue

Jan 23

Yggdrasil fans will be happy to know that the game provider will begin expanding their reach when it comes to their games. They will be doing this by using a new publishing division which can be used by customers who want to put together their own gaming portals using Yggdrasil’s portfolio of games. This new avenue is geared towards encouraging more people to create their own gaming portals.

This is to allow more partners to create their own lineup of offerings, which will involve both available and future content that the company has. This new venture will have three divisions – the platform IP licensing, game dev and distribution, and game IP licensing divisions. These are to be called YG Franchise, YG Masters, and YG Game IP Respectively.

The goal of this move is to change how users and publishers handle and approach the creation, publishing, and distribution of content. Whether this move is going to be successful or if it will be embraced by the people the company is targeting remains to be seen. Suffice to say, this is an experimental move that was spearheaded by Bjorn Krantz, Yggdrasil’s head of publishing.

It has also been noted that this move is aimed at earning the company a target revenue of 2 billion Euros, which they believe can be done with this new publishing format. The decentralization of their content publishing, creation, and distribution arm that allows those who want to make money from the company’s content is seen as a good move by those who spearheaded it. Whether the public and the industry will embrace it is something that only time will tell.