When Max Bets on Video Poker Isn't a Good Idea

Mar 04

If you’re aiming to win big, it stands to reason that you would choose to bet max on any of video casino the games that you play, right? This includes slot machines, video poker machines, and other games that have video versions that allow you to bet the maximum allowable amount each time. So, is betting max on any of these games, particularly video poker, a good idea? As it turns out, not all the time.

Betting max on video poker is considered a good move most of the time since it gives you a big advantage against the house edge. This is due to the bonus that most video poker machines give to players who win on a max bet hand. There are times however when betting the maximum is not a good idea. Why is betting the maximum amount on a video poker game a bad idea? Here are some of the reasons why:

You’re distracted while playing – If you’re playing video poker to simply while away the time but are not paying attention to what you are doing, then it’s better if you bet one coin with each game. This is to ensure that you stretch your bankroll as much as possible since you aren’t really playing to win.

If you can’t pay attention to your game, you shouldn’t be wasting your money on it. While gaming does have some luck involved in it, clicking on the cards that you want to retain still takes a bit of attention and strategy. Betting max on a game that you are haphazardly playing is like throwing your money away.

You’re new to the game – If you’re a newbie and are trying out your poker skills on one of these machines, it’s not a wise move to bet max on your first few tries. While you may know the basics of the game, you might not be as strategic as you should be, so it’s better to get a feel for the machine before you start betting max.

It’s also prudent for you to bet one coin at a time on a new machine even if you’re well-versed in the game of poker. Not all video poker machines come with the same house advantage. Playing single coins until you figure out the strategy needed to win on the machine is your best move here. When you’re comfortable enough with your odds on the machine and you want to start unlocking the bonuses that come with max bets, you can do so then.

You’re on a machine that actually pays better with single coins– Sure, you want to unlock bonuses with max bets but what if the house edge is too high on such machines for that move to make it lucrative? When you find a machine that actually pays more with constant play on single coin bets, don’t bet max. Instead, continue with your current rate of play to maximize on your chances of making money from that machine.

Other Casino Games You Should Consider Instead of Video Poker

Instead of focusing all your energies on figuring out how you can win on video poker machines, why not try other games instead. There are a few games that give you higher chances of winning due to their house edge. If you want a game that has a low house edge, here are some of your other options:

Blackjack – This is the favorite of many players who want to make money while gambling. The reason is you can “make a killing” playing blackjack as long as you know how to discretely read cards and to utilize the right strategies when playing. Of course, card counting is frowned upon by casinos even though it isn’t technically cheating. If you are to use such a tack when playing blackjack, you have to make sure you won’t get caught, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

Baccarat – This card game is also a great game to play when you’re aiming to earn from gambling. There are some instances however when the house edge is higher and that is when you bet on a draw. If you’re smart enough to know how to gauge your odds in this game, you can also walk away from the table with a lot of winnings.

Slots – Slot machines are considered a drain on a person’s bankroll, but not all the time. If you know how to choose the right machine and know when to stop pulling that lever, you can also walk away a winner with this popular casino game. What you need to do is to find a slot machine that has a high RTP and lots of ways for you to win. There are a lot of machines that have multiple ways for you to win. While these don’t give out huge payouts for each combination that you get, the constant wins you make, albeit small wins, can add up to a reasonable sum.

The Bottom Line

Video poker is actually a good game to play if you’re aiming to earn at gambling, as long as you find a good machine to play on. Of course, it’s probably best if you try out a machine first to figure out what strategy you should use on it before betting max and winning big. If you don’t feel you can win big on a machine, move on and find another one that you’re more comfortable with.

At the end of the day, playing on these machines is more than just a chance to win big. It’s also a chance to practice your poker playing skills. You get to see if you’re making the right judgement calls when it comes to the cards you are holding and the cards you are discarding. It also helps you determine if you have what it takes to make money at casino gaming. Either way, you should try to bet amounts that you’re comfortable with and bet max only when you feel you are lucky enough to win at the machine you’re playing on.