What to Expect from Slot Machines in the Future

Mar 11

While slot machines are some of the oldest gambling machines around, they are still one of the most popular games in any casino – online or landbased. The ease of play and the engaging nature of these machines make them fast favorites. There is no need for you to learn much when you play slots since all you have to do is to insert your coin, spin, and wait to see if you’ve hit a winning combination.

As great as these machines already are, there are predictions that indicate these are just going to get better. The future is bright when it comes to slot machines and here are some of the things you can expect to find in these games in the future:

Gamification is coming to slot machines – If you’re not yet familiar with the term gamification, here is a simple definition. Gamification is when the game becomes more than just your average slot machine. It features some storytelling elements, rewards when you level up, and other similar additions. With gamification, the boring pressing of the bet max or spin button becomes more exciting. You’re not only trying to win at the machine but you’re also trying to reach a goal when you play.

Examples of gamification include completing certain sets of symbols to launch a bonus game, getting symbols to launch a skills-based extra game, and other similar features. There are also slot machines that offer bigger prizes when you reach certain levels and extra wins when you complete specific tasks.

More slot games on mobile – While most people in the past played slots in land-based casinos and on their desktop computers, in the future, you will find more people playing these on their mobile devices. This is because people are becoming more dependent on their smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. While some casinos haven’t integrated the possibility of mobile gaming into their options, a lot already have.

Some online casinos have even created slots apps for their users to enjoy since these apps don’t require a stable internet connection for people to use. There are even some online casinos that have apps you can use even when offline. If you win on these machines while offline, you will be able to claim your rewards once you connect again to the internet.

You get more social with online and app-based slots – There are actually a few slot apps that let you interact with other players like yourself while playing. Chat bubbles, emoticons, and other similar ways of communicating have been integrated into such apps. There are also some slot machine and online casino apps that allow you to add people on your account as friends so you can actually continue conversations where you left off.

Social casino apps are usually linked with social media accounts like Facebook. Some can also be linked with your Gmail account. These give you a chance to make connections with others who enjoy these games just like you. It also helps make the game less solitary than it actually is.

Virtual reality and augmented reality slots – Ever wonder how it feels to play slots as if you’re really in a casino but are actually at home, sitting on your couch, wearing VR goggles? There are some online casinos that are planning on giving their gamers the full casino experience from home with the use of VR goggles and a VR app. This casino VR app lets you explore a casino floor and even gets you to actually interact with other players while you’re there.

You can sit in front of a virtual slot machine beside another player who is also using the same app online and playing the same array of machines as you. You might even be able to converse with the person while playing. Unfortunately, this is still being considered and is in development.

The current technology that most online casinos use nowadays is augmented reality and this may be what you will be using for some time. Virtual reality slots, after all, require hardware that not many people are open to using. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is easy to use since it is easier to integrate into a smartphone app. Think Pokemon Go style gaming but with slot machines.

Innovative slot machine designs and gameplay – Aside from augmented reality, gamification, and skill-based slot gaming, you can also expect unique features to appear on future slots. This is to help differentiate one slot machine from the others and to attract younger players to the game. One such innovation that is currently a fast trend is the megaways slots. These are slot machines that expand as a person plays, giving them more chances to win.

A lot of megaways slots come in innovative shapes and designs. Some come in an upward expanding form while others come in a diamond shape that progresses into a full board that can make you win huge prizes. Other innovations that you can find in these future slots include double reels, expanding sticky wilds, and many more.

The Final Word

These are just a few of the possibilities you will see coming to slots online. In fact, some of these innovations are already present in a few slots from some of the more popular developers of such games. You can see a lot of online slots that have skill-based game that you need to conquer to unlock special prizes or have special features that make them more engaging.

The reason why these innovations are being added to your favorite slots is to not only keep you engaged and entertained but to also attract a new breed of players. Younger players are used to video games that allow them to interact not only with the game but with other players in these games. These features are being added to future slots, and some that are already available to play, to increase the number of players that enjoy these games. This is good news for both the online casinos and the players who frequent them since this will mean more revenues for these online entities. This means they won’t have to shut down any time soon, which also means more chances for you to continue playing your favorite games.