UK Operators Come Together For Responsible Gambling

Sep 20


Several major online gambling operators located in the UK have formed a voluntary watchdog group in order to establish and enforce regulations for advertising to minors.

On October 1st, a new gambling bill will come into effect in the United Kingdom and operators have been preparing for the upcoming changes for the past year. Now, as the date is just around the corner, a new announcement has been made from four of the biggest gambling operators in the market.

William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Gala Coral have taken it among themselves to form a group meant to prevent “free money” ads to be aired on television networks within the country before 21:00 GMT. The hope is that this move will set an example for the rest of the operators in the market and help create a much more responsible gaming community as a result. Those which will not obey the new code of conduct will risk fines and the Senet Group will be responsible for naming and point them out.

Promoting responsible gambling

The ads which promote online gambling by promising free money when signing up will no long be aired by the four operators mentioned above before 21:00, starting from October 1st.

The major companies also have plans for additional methods to help prevent attracting underage customers from joining their websites or make it difficult for those with serious gambling addictions.


They added that they will remove gaming machine advertising from the windows of betting shops and instead place messages which will promote a responsible gambling mentality.

Once the new bill becomes active, it is possible that additional advertising restrictions will be implemented in the United Kingdom. However, this is a great first step in the right direction for the future of the industry and it should not affect the many responsible players who enjoy casino games and other gaming options on the internet.

The Gala Coral Chief Executive, Carl Leaver, stated that:

“Actions speak louder than words. That’s why the Senet Group will be given the independence, budget and purpose to hold the betting industry to account.”