Things You May Not Know About Sports Betting and Gambling

Jan 22

When you talk about gambling, the first thing that most people think about is the casino. Card games, slot machines, and other similar avenues for gambling are usually what people envision when it comes to this particular term. What they might not realize is that there are other ways for you to wager and win. This is in the form of sports betting and gambling.

What is sports betting and is it really a form of gambling? Sports betting is a form of gambling where you bet on a particular team in any sport to win. Also called wagering, you will find that sports betting is not as straightforward as some of the games you play in a casino or online. There are lots of different kinds of bets that you can make and you can do this with lots of different sports.

Types of Wagers You Can Make with Sports Betting

In sports betting, you don’t just bet a specific amount and expect to receive the same amount times two when you win. Betting on sports is not like betting on online casino or real casino table games. There are a few different kinds of wagers you can place when betting on sports. There are simple wager types and there are advanced ones as well. If you’re a beginner, the simple ones should work well enough for you until you get the hang of how wagering on sports works. For those who’ve been wagering for some time, the more advanced types are what you should take note of, if you don’t know these yet.

Straight Bets – This is the most common bet people know about and what newbies tend to use when they begin sports betting. As the name implies, it’s when a betting line is set and you can choose to either wager on the favorite or on the underdog. The betting line is also called the point spread and who you choose has corresponding points that you either have to surpass for the favorite or to win outright, if you’re wagering on the underdog.

Total Line Bets – This is a popular betting format for football and basketball. How this works is the bettor bets on the actual total score of both teams, with the goal being to stay under the total actual score or going over the set number for this bet. This betting system can be used to place bets on games that have a half-time, hence the popularity of such a betting system for football and basketball. You can bet twice at these games with such a system.

Parlay Bets – You’ve heard the term parlay a few times before and it basically means to maneuver one thing to receive another thing that is of higher value. In sports betting, parlay bets mean that you are placing any winnings from a previous bet into another bet in the hopes for bigger winnings. For sports betting, what you do is you group two or more of your bets into a single one. You can bet up to the sportsbook’s limits to get massive wins. The only thing you need to hope for when you do parlay bets is to win all of your picks or it all goes down the drain.

Head-to-head Bets – This is a betting system often used for one-on-one competitions, like motorbike racing or tennis. You can also use this betting system on golf, NASCAR, and other similar sports. You simply bet on the player you are hoping will win and you get the corresponding prize from this, depending on whether there is a money line or not.

Money Line Bets – As mentioned earlier, money line bets are used in other betting systems to set the odds at which you can win. The bigger the odds, the bigger the amount you win. Just like head-to-head bets, you choose one winner for this type of bet but you have to place a specific bet to get the expected winnings on your choice. For example, if a money line bet shows +120 for one team and -135 for another, it usually means the first team is the underdog. If you bet $100 on the underdog, you get to win $120 on your $100 bet. If the latter however is your choice, you have to bet $135 to win $100. This means they are the favored team to win.

There are a few other betting types you can use when you wager on sports. These include teaser bets, proposition bets, handicap betting, and outrights. Some of the above-mentioned bets are called other names so it’s easy to confuse newbies when it comes to sports betting. For example, proposition bets are sometimes called special bets and total line bets are sometimes referred to as over/under bets. You need to learn the jargon of sports betting in order to wager safely and without being fooled into making a bet you don’t know or understand.

Sports You Can Bet On

There are lots of sports all around the world but can you bet on all of them? Some sports are great to bet on, like basketball and football, while there are some that are pretty difficult to wager on, like sports with lots of competitors aiming for the top prize, like the Tour de France and NASCAR. To give you an idea as to what types of sports you can bet on, here is a list of the most popular sports that people wager on:

Football – This is considered one of the most popular sports for people to bet on. These include both American football and European football, which is called soccer in other parts of the world.

Tennis – One of the more popular sports that people can easily bet on is tennis. This is because this sport has players who are ranked according to their prowess in the sport. This makes it easy for sportsbooks to place specific betting odds on certain players. You can also make bets on other factors of the game like total number of aces, how many sets it takes a player to win, and so on.

Volleyball – Yes, you can also place wagers on volleyball games. The same rules for betting on a match like tennis can apply to volleyball wagering, with number of sets, number of aces, and other factors you can bet on being available.

Basketball – While some people simply bet on their favorite team to win, there are others who play the basketball betting game more strategically. They choose teams that show promise and can make them a lot of money by being the underdog, regardless of whether or not they like such a team.

Cricket – Another sport that is a favorite of people to bet on. Usually, the bets being taken for such matches are similar to the kind of bets wagered on similar team sports. People can bet on who is the favorite, on who is the underdog, on total scores, and many more.

Motorsports – A lot of motorsports are also great for betting and wagering. This is because there is always a clear-cut winner and runners-up after each race. You can liken this to betting on horseraces, with people betting on the underdogs getting a bigger win because of the unlikelihood of such a thing happening.

There are lots of sports you can bet on. If there are two or more competitors going at it, you can bet on such sports. The trick is in knowing which sports you can make a lot of money from and knowing what factors affect the outcome of such sports games. The weather, personal issues of the players, and even their health can play a part in whether or not you win a sports bet. It pays to keep track of all these before you place a wager on any team or player that you choose. That way, you reduce your chances of losses and increase your chances of winning.