The Future of Gambling After the Pandemic

Date Created: Apr 08
Written by Jerico

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, it is but natural to wonder how this will affect things people are used to doing freely. Included in the things people wonder about are their livelihood, the education of their children, and their freedom to move about. Aside from these, people also wonder about the future of things they enjoy like eating out, celebrations, and even gambling in casinos.

With the stay-at-home orders people are living with these days, the gambling industry may just have to adjust to such rules to keep businesses running. While some land-based gambling entities have been resistant to creating an online portal for their casinos, this seems to be the only way their enterprise can survive.

Shifting to Digital from Land-Based

For companies that have already made the shift to virtual gambling, the move has proven profitable. For those who haven’t, the need to create a portal for their regulars to visit while their brick and mortar outlet is closed has suddenly risen to the top of their list of priorities. This worldwide event has pushed gambling outlets to speed up the transition from land-based to internet-based, even though some of them have been on the fence regarding this move.

Land-based gambling outlets that never really thought about going online are now rethinking such a decision. The move seems to be the only way such entities can survive this lockdown with the virus constantly prolonging the need to keep outlets closed. While shifting to digital may be the saving grace for these companies, it is the last nail in the coffin for those who rely on the casino jobs they once had as a source of income.

This means that land-based gambling isn’t in a good place right now. Changes in how things will be operated once casinos open back up again also face major changes. Social distancing will still be imposed, which can mean gambling tables being spaced as far apart as possible to avoid possible spreading of the virus if one gambler has it. The number of people playing on a table or even entering the casino may also be limited to help promote the social distancing that seems to be the only way to help keep the virus at bay.

Other moves that may be adopted if and when land-based casinos open back up include the wearing of masks while in the premises, the disinfecting of slot machines before a new player can use them, and even the wearing of gloves for added safety. All of these will not only add to the overhead costs of these casinos but will also prove to be tedious both to players and the management of these businesses.

There seems to be no choice however if these businesses want to continue operating while keeping their customers safe at the same time. Shifting to virtual gameplay is the only other solution viewed here, but is not as attractive an idea for casinos that rely on other services for their revenues. Casinos that have entertainment and shows, hotel rooms, and restaurants that people patronize apart from their tables are on the losing end here. They won’t be able to offer these online, after all, which means more losses for them until things return to normal.

Problems Viewed as Emerging with Online Gambling Shift

With more people turning to online casinos for their gambling and wagering needs, another problem seems to be rearing its ugly head. This is the problem with gambling addiction. Also called problem gambling, this issue is predicted to see more people asking for help in curbing the habit in the near future. People with time on their hands and who have access to these gambling portals may find themselves getting neck-deep in debt.

One of the things that can lessen the possibility of this issue is the current restriction of the use of credit cards in getting funds for online gambling in the UK. While this can help stop some people from developing a bad gambling habit, it doesn’t guarantee that people won’t find themselves addicted to online wagering. People can be resourceful, after all, and may simply shift to other ways of getting money to use in online casinos. Examples of these include personal loans, payday loans, and even borrowing from loan sharks and family members.

In the US, there is no such rule in place so the only way people can avoid getting into massive debt when playing in online casinos is the restrictions placed in specific states across the country. Not all states in the US allow people to gamble legally online so this can be a deterrent to gambling debt for some people. Those who still find ways to engage in online gambling despite these restrictions are the ones who are in danger of finding themselves swimming in massive debt.

As it is, the move to virtual from land-based gambling has produced lots of problems with gambling addiction. This has landed people in huge debts that amount to tens of thousands of dollars that they are having a hard time paying off. With this lockdown creating more online gamblers, the NHS in the UK sees a massive problem looming ahead.

How to Avoid Problem Gambling While Still Enjoying Online Casinos

If you believe you are prone to gambling addiction, there are a few things you can do to still enjoy wagering without it becoming a detriment to your life. These include setting a daily limit to how much you can spend on such a pastime and setting a specific time for when you can play. If you are truly in danger of developing a bad gambling habit, installing Gamstop that will block these sites from your devices may help.

You can also fill your days with other activities so you don’t have time to gamble if you are unsure of your willpower. Find alternatives to online gambling so you don’t gravitate towards such a habit. If you can’t have someone in your family keep tabs on you and your device usage so you don’t end up wagering the last of your money away.

If you live alone, and you feel you are sinking into gambling addiction, get professional help as soon as you can. There are portals that allow you to talk to someone who can help you get through such an addiction. You can also join support groups online that let you discuss the problem with others like you.

How Long Before Things Return to Normal

There is no guarantee that things will actually return to the way they were before the virus started its rampage. Without a vaccine or a cure, people will have to stay away from crowds and places that put you in a position where you have to touch things other people touch. With casinos being part of such places, it is too early to think that these will open anytime soon.

If you really miss your favorite slots and your favorite table games, online casinos are your only option these days. Until the virus is eradicated or there is a viable cure and vaccine that you can rely on, these will have to suffice. You can, however, rest assured that online portals are trying their best to emulate their land-based counterparts so you don’t really have to miss it that much.