Stranger Things Invades Rocket League

Oct 17

Rocket League has gotten into the Halloween spirit by entering the Upside Down. Netflix’s award-winning original series Stranger Things invaded the league on October 14 and will be part of the Rocket League Haunted Hallows event until November 11.

There are matches that award Candy Corns to players for completing it. The Candy Corn is a currency that is exclusive to this event and can be used to unlock cosmetics. Cosmetics include a decal resembling Chief Hopper’s Hawaiian shirt, a Starcourt Mall-themed wheel, a Camp No Where topper that allows players to place Dustin’s hat on cars, a Scoops Ahoy avatar border, and a Demagorgon player banner.

There are also autumn-inspired and generic Halloween cosmetics featured in the event. These include decals with candy wrappers and fall foliage. These are meant for players who are not fans of Stranger Things, but still want to get in on some Halloween action. Players have three days to use up all of their Candy Corn in the store after the event, in the same way they did in similar Rocket League events in the past.

All roads will lead to Farmstead, which will also get a creepy look reminiscent of the Upside Down from Stranger Things. And if that’s not scary enough for you, the Mind Flayer is even present, watching menacingly over all the action. Although it’s not clear whether the gigantic monster will affect gameplay in any way, the developer did tell players before the start of the event to “look after your teammates”. This comment certainly points to the possibility of the Demagorgon wreaking havoc in the game.

Rocket League was also part of the PlayStation 4 cross-play beta program, which enabled players using the console to get into matches with players on the PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The beta program has recently been ended, and the feature is now available for all developers to incorporate into their games. This effectively completes Sony’s turnaround from their previous stance against the activation of cross-platform play.

Where Stranger Things is concerned, this event isn’t something new, as this is not the first time they have participated in a video game crossover. The popular Netflix series was also featured in Fortnite in July of this year, where Chief Hopper and the Demagorgon even got their own skins.

The show is currently preparing for its fourth season, after the first three seasons earned critical praise as well as high marks from viewers. Producers have released a teaser, but not a premiere date. People are expecting most of the cast to be back for the next season, and the audience is excited to see their favourite characters once again.

One character that is now up for debate is Jim Hopper, which is played by David Harbour. The final episode of the third season seemed to indicate the death of the character, but a post-credits scene referenced “The American”, which gave some viewers hope that Hopper is still alive, albeit locked up in a Soviet Union facility.