Single Dad Chef Worked on Christmas Day Despite Just Becoming a Millionaire

Dec 27

A hardworking single dad showed excellent work ethics when he still worked his shifts on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, in spite of the fact that he had just won £1 million form a National Lottery scratch card.

36-year-old Didzis Pirags is a chef who works as a kitchen manager at The Hungry Horse in Garstang Road, Broughton. He purchased the scratch card during his lunch break on the Saturday before Christmas, trying his luck in the Merry Millions instant win game.

Pirags spent just £5 on the scratch card that made him a millionaire after he felt a “lucky itch” on Saturday. Still basking in the early Christmas blessing he received, the chef refused to let their customers down over the festive period and still reported for work on December 25 and 26.

Besides being a committed worker, Pirags is also a dedicated parent, and he has already put a deposit down on his first home, saying his festive fortune will change not only his life, but that of his five-year-old son as well. Interviewed at the Preston Marriott Hotel after receiving his cash prize, Pirags said: “This is totally unbelievable what has happened and the best dream come true ever at Christmastime. I will be able to give my son the best ever life now, which is all I have ever wished for.”

“I am currently living above my place of work, and now I can look forward to owning a home of my own and a very special place to bring my son up. I have put a deposit down on a four-bedroom house with a garden, which I know my son will love. All I want is to be able to provide the best possible life for my son and this win will enable me to do exactly this.”

Pirags usually works 60 hours a week, but he now plans to put in his resignation and go in search of a new line of work that will leave his weekends free so he can spend more time with his boy. The new millionaire also plans to share some of his winnings to family and friends. And his generosity does not end there. He has also said he will give away his car as soon as he can buy a new one.

“It’ll change my life completely,” Pirags said. “I have a five-year-old son, and now I can spend quality time with him. I’ve not spent a weekend with him in years. I work 60-hour weeks so I barely have time to see him. I see him Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, and sometimes on Friday in the daytime. This is the best Christmas present we could have received, it’s massive.”

Someone with even better fortune than Pirags is still out there, as the £40 million jackpot prize won on December 3rd is still waiting to be claimed. The winning ticket was bought in Dorset. The winner picked the numbers 18, 31, 32, 38, and 48, and will take home £40,957,696.60. In case the winner has lost the ticket or if the ticket has been stolen or destroyed, the winner may still claim the whopping cash prize as long as they can submit a written claim by the 3rd of January. If the winner still has the lucky ticket, they will have until May 31st to claim the prize.