Scientific Games Eyeing E-sports Market with GameScorekeeper Partnership

Feb 11

E-sports is fast becoming a popular avenue for sports betting by some people. This is probably why Scientific Games (SG) is partnering with GameScorekeeper in creating a platform that allows e-sports enthusiasts to bet on their favorite gamers in specific tournaments. This partnership aims to provide fans of games such as Dota2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike a chance to view their favorite tournaments in real time. This also allows them to gain access to data on the players and teams in order to make educated decisions on which teams to side with.

This partnership is just one of the many steps that SG is exploring in their quest to expand their offerings to their customer base. Since E-sports is exploding in popularity these days, and with more people showing interest in it, it’s but a logical move for the company to tap such a market. It is because of this huge customer base that SG and GameScorekeeper entered into such a deal.

Two of the most popular tournaments in e-sports, the International of Dota2 and the World Championship of League of Legends, have gathered such a following that it is watched live all over the world. This means that people can bet on any of the top teams that make it to these tournaments. The prize pools of these tournaments are in the millions of dollars, which is probably why a lot of people watch it when it happens every year.

The e-sports data that GameScorekeeper has will give the loyal SG users the chance to make money out of these tournaments. It will also tap into a market that is growing in number. It also gives Scientific Games access to a whole new market that they can entice to try their other games.