Player’s Complete Guide To Online Slots

Dec 11

Everything you need to know about online slots, how to start playing and how to cash in on the winnings can be found right here. Learn the basics before putting real money on the line in order to get better results!

If you are new to online casinos, there is a very good chance that you are overwhelmed with the amount of slots available on the internet. This is not by accident since slots are considered by far to be the most popular category of games in the industry and the number of players enjoying the spinning reels every day encourages developers to create more titles and casinos to feature an incredible variety of options.

There is a unique combination of simple rules and gameplay with the potential to win amazing prizes that makes slots appealing to every type of casino player out there and if you haven’t tried out some of these games, it is highly recommended to check them out. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the entire process and make sure that you don’t jump in blind, especially when real money is involved.

How to Play Slots

First thing first, you should know how to play slots. As previously mentioned, it is very easy to play since the general rules can be reviewed in a matter of seconds. There are also a few special features which come with slots nowadays but we will get to that later on.

In order to play slots, you must first select the game you wish to bet on. Thousands of different titles are available on the internet right now and this generates a guarantee that you will find something to fit your requirements. The general gameplay of slots however remains the same.

Once you selected the game, you just need to place the bet. The size of the bet depends on the number of lines on which combinations can be formed once the reels stop spinning and on the size of the coin. The maximum number of paylines depends on the slot as some can have just a few while others cover all possible combinations, also known as 243 ways to win for the regular 5-reel slots with 3 rows.

After the bet is selected, you just need to spin the reels by pressing the big button. It takes a few seconds of spinning before the reels stop in a random way. Any combination on active paylines is then paid out according to the set rates that can be found in the pay table of the game. Rare symbols have higher payouts for combinations.

Depending on the casino, the software developer and the game in question, you might have to choose between several ways of actually starting the action. Some casinos have a downloadable application that needs to be installed on the computers in order to access the games. This doesn’t take more than a few minutes and the icon then makes it very easy to start it every time. Instant play casinos now represent the majority as these are easier for most players. There is no download needed and the games are all available on the website of the casino and can be started with just a few clicks.

Mobile gaming is certainly on the rise and while a good part of online casinos have a mobile platform, not all games can be played on the smaller screen.

That is pretty much the basic rundown on how to play slots and it is easy to see that things don’t really get any simpler.

Learning the Special Features

In order to make things more exciting, a good part of modern slots come with all sorts of special features. These help increase the winnings through special symbols, bonus rounds, free spins and so on. Knowing how the most common slots features work can make choosing a game to play that much easier.

Special symbols are the ones that don’t just pay when they are part of combinations but come with additional perks. The most commonly found ones are wilds and scatters. A wild symbol in slots can play the role of any other symbol needed to form the highest paying combination on the screen. It substitutes for regular symbols and often times adds a multiplier to the resulting payout.

The scatter symbol in slots pays no matter where it lands on the screen and it doesn’t even have to be in a combination. Getting more such symbols scattered anywhere on the reels results in a bigger payout. The modern versions of online slots however have expanded the utility of scatters by adding more rewards when getting three or more on the screen. The most common one being represented by free spins, with the number increasing based on how many scatter symbols appear.

The bonus round is a modern special feature that adds a lot of character to some slots since it is usually styled to match the overall theme of the game in question. This can result in some highly entertaining mini-games that are designed to offer big rewards at no additional cost. The bonus round can be triggered by getting three or more bonus symbols but some titles can assign this function to the scatter symbol for more convenience.

The risk function is easily one of the most popular special features found in slots. While the famous button has been slowly eliminated from the interface with the latest releases, it remains an icon of the games. The concept is very simple and players can press the risk/gamble button after they get a winning spin. By doing so, the winnings are entered in a 50/50 game from which the amount can be doubled or lost. The most popular one is based on the color of a random card (red or black) and if successful, the amount can be multiplied several times.

Progressive jackpots are a great way to show the essence of slot games. These are prizes that increase with every bet and are won by a certain combination, through the bonus game or randomly at the end of a spin, depending on the game. Since progressives generally take a while to be hit, they can get pretty big, especially on the popular slots, and it only takes a small bet to win a huge amount. Life-changing jackpots can be won with just one lucky spin as players have claimed seven-figure payouts just by spinning the virtual reels.

Different Types of Slots

The internet and online casinos make it very easy to browse through a variety of slots within seconds. With just a few clicks, you can access hundreds of titles and start any of them right away. The offer is certainly there and there are different types of slots that might appeal to different players.

The easiest way to classify online slots is based on the number of reels, with 5-reel games being the most commonly found ones nowadays. On a standard screen with three rows, there can be up to 243 different lines starting from left and going to right and this is more than enough to gamble with.

However, most 5-reel slots have less paylines available in order to keep the bet and payouts more appealing to casual players. The majority fall between 15 and 50 lines.

For players who want to check out the classics, three reels are the way to go. These are a lot simpler and most of them don’t have any additional special features. Given the limited number of reels, the number of symbols and the number of lines is also reduced. Most 3-reel slots have 1 or 3 paylines. But even these games can have progressive jackpots that can reach impressive figures since the combination is quite rare and generally must be obtained on a certain line in order to win the top prize.

There are also online slot machines that come with more reels or even none at all. 6-reel slots are quite entertaining as they provide a nice alternative to the regular games and have the potential for big prizes. Some of these games don’t even have paylines and symbols just pay if they are in a combination of at least four adjacent icons.

No-reel slots work on a similar system as winning combinations are determined based on the vicinity of the symbols on the screen but the pattern can be in a hexagon shape.

Pop Culture Appeal

An interesting aspect that is best seen in the online gambling industry is that slots can use pop culture appeal to attract more customers and make the experience more entertaining. This is done by styling the games after popular movies or other themes in order to break into the established fan base.

A few examples would include online slots made after blockbuster movies, such as Iron Man, The Avengers, The Dark Knight and many more. Software developers get licenses from the movie studios and go to work with the rights to even feature actual pictures or short clips from the films. As a fan of the movies and as a casual casino player, it is safe to say that the game is pretty high on the list.

There is a lot of work that generally goes into these big title slot games and this doesn’t just result in a known theme but also in great graphics, attention to detail and sometimes even a progressive jackpot that makes everything even more exciting. New releases are often times promoted by the developers and by the casinos that feature them and it is very likely that new players will start out with one of these options.

Strategy and Tips

While there are some casino games where strategy actually matters, slot games are entirely random and players cannot determine the outcome of a spin. That being said, there are different ways through which to get better rewards by varying the size of the bet and mixing things up. Regular slot players tend to create their own systems based on previous experiences but it is very important to know that these don’t really have a good base.

Every spin of the reels is random and not influenced by the previous ones. Although slots have average return to the player percentages, these are determined over long periods of time and it is quite common for them to run hot or cold at times.

The best way to make the most out of online slots is to fully understand how they work and have the bankroll needed to get those winning streaks going. A few spins might be a loss every time but putting in a longer session and betting decent amounts can very easily result in a nice payday. Bonus rounds can be very rewarding but they don’t come around every couple of spins so the best tip is to manage the bankroll well in order to play for longer periods of time. Every spin has the potential for an impressive payday.

Playing Responsibly

All things considered, online slots can be a lot of fun and very rewarding at the same time. This is why it can be easy to get lost in the action and we advise that all players enjoy the games in a responsible manner and never bet more than they can afford to lose. The available bankroll should reflect the maximum stretch of a player’s reach and it is often times recommended to withdraw the winnings for better control of the amount.