Paul Fox Aims to Launch Online Betting Firm in Europe After Asian Success

Aug 26

Paul Fox, the Scottish boss of multi-million-dollar Philippines-based gaming company LeTou, is planning to extend his reach towards Europe by launching a related business targeting the entire European market next year. LeTou has been in operation for about 13 years, and currently employs about 100 individuals across offices encompassing Taiwan and California.

Specialising primarily in sports betting, casino activity, and other forms of online gambling, the business prides itself in having quite a substantial customer base across its core market in Asia. Fox, who hails from Ayrshire, Scotland, grew up in a bookmaking family and spent his entire career in the gaming and entertainment industries. It therefore came as no surprise that he was able to climb to the top and now heads a gaming company that has already made a name for itself in Asia.

Fox moved to Guernsey from Ayrshire when he noticed that the gaming industry was increasingly becoming digital. There he joined Sportingbet, which is now part of GVC, the same company that owns Ladbrokes and Coral. Just a few months after Fox became part of the Sportingbet team, the company opened an office in Manila, Philippines. Fox moved there in 2009 and has been there ever since.

It was in 2017 when he was appointed to his current role of LeTou Chief Executive. In this role, he has successfully overseen such milestones in the company as their sponsorships of Italian football club Inter Milan and former Premier League club Swansea City. Their deal with Inter Milan was especially significant, as it made them the club’s first ever Asian gaming partner.

That deal commenced at the start of the 2018/2019 football season, and truly put LeTou on the map. It also served as the turning point that made their aspirations of entering the European market all the more possible to accomplish. Speaking about the significance of the Inter Milan deal, Fox had this to say:

“In recent years, the ever-popular Serie A is becoming even more prominent in Asia and LeTou is honoured to be Inter’s first ever Asian online gaming partner. The club’s great history, their fantastic international fanbase and the fact that Inter is back in the most important European competition, the UEFA Champions League, makes them ideally placed to support our continued growth in the Asian marketplace.”

LeTou is now all set to realise their European aspirations. Fox plans to do this by establishing an entirely new business in Malta. The business, which Fox himself will head, will be called Ibet and is expected to grow enough in the first couple of years to have the capacity to hire about 50 employees.

After the Malta launch, Ibet is then expected to target Germany next. Achieving success in Germany will pave the way for the new company to broaden their reach even more, targeting places like Norway and the United Kingdom, among others. Asked to comment about their European expansion plans, Fox said, “I do see a lot of opportunity in certain countries in Europe.”