How to Make Your Money Last in a Casino

Date Created: Aug 26
Written by Jerico

One thing that people lament when they play at a casino is that their money doesn’t really last that long when they play. This is particularly true with those who stick to a bankroll when they play. Making your money last in a casino, whether you’re playing in an online gaming outlet or in a land-based one, is important. This is to ensure that you get your fill of your day of gaming and not feel like you need to do more.

When it comes to making your money last in a casino, whether you’re playing to win or to simply while away the time on your day of leisure, there are a few rules that you can follow. Here are some of them:

Bet in smaller amounts – Some people think that the bigger the bet, the bigger their winnings, and in a sense, this is true. But, what they don’t realize is that, the bigger the bets, the bigger the losses as well, and you run out of money sooner too. If you want to play for longer and to make your money last in a casino, you should lower your wagering amount. You don’t have to lower it to the barest minimum, but you should avoid max bets whenever possible.

Smaller amounts can mean mid-range bets or choosing machines that allow you to bet nickels instead of quarters. There are lots of slot machines and tables that allow for lower bets, so you should find these when you’re thinking of stretching your dollar in a casino. Go for tables that allow $5 bets instead of the usual $25 minimums that you frequent.

Become a social butterfly – In most cases, people will tell you that being social in a casino will actually work against you, and they are right. But if you’re not aiming to strategize your gameplay or not planning on reading cards when you play blackjack, you can actually stretch your money when you socialize. Talking with other players, whether you’re at a craps table, on a slot machine row, or at a baccarat table, may make you miss one or two rounds, and at this juncture, that’s okay.

The idea is to prolong your gaming time and socializing can do that for you. Talking with other players, walking around and checking out the scene, and even loitering at tables where others are playing, can help extend your time at a casino. Counting seconds before hitting spin or pulling the lever on your slot machine and talking with others sitting beside you will also do the same thing.

Budget your bankroll and divide it according to hours – If you truly want to spend more time in a casino, you should consider dividing your money according to the amount of time you’re planning on spending there. For example, if you have a $500 bankroll and you want to spend 4 hours at a casino, divide your bankroll by the number of hours you want to stay there for. You can then use that amount for that hour, and only that amount. This will force you to either slow down your gameplay or make you stop once you reach your limit for the hour.

Don’t be tempted to dip into the cash for the next hour since this will defeat the purpose of you dividing it in the first place. When you hit the $125 limit and you still have time on the clock for that particular amount, walk around and check other players out. You can also look for other games you can play and plan your next moves when the next hour begins.

Look for casinos that offer deposit bonuses to increase your bankroll – This is for online casino players. If you want to play longer, try to find an online casino that gives you a 100% match deposit bonus. This will give you twice what you have for your gaming and will invariably stretch your game time. Of course, this may require that you register at a new casino since most casinos where you’re already a member may no longer offer such a bonus to you.

There are a few however that give out such a reward if you’re a loyal patron. Look for casinos that give such match deposit bonuses to their loyal customers and find out when you can avail of such an addition to your funds. If it requires you to register for a special club, like a players’ club or gold club, you should consider doing so. After all, if you enjoy playing at their casino and are already depositing money into your account with them, it might be better if you make the most of it with loyalty points and such that can give you extra cash to play with.

Take frequent breaks to drink, eat, or simply stretch – Taking breaks while gaming can also help you make your money last in a casino. It doesn’t matter if you do this in a real casino in Vegas or at home while you’re enjoying the virtual casino you’re a member of. Getting up, getting a drink, watching a half-hour TV show, or taking a smoke break outside will give you the additional time you want for your gaming.

Frequent breaks can also help you stretch your legs and improve circulation in your lower extremities, which is also good for your health. Take a bathroom break, go talk to your dog, check your email, or even check social media for a few minutes to help stretch the time and your bankroll. Once your break time is over, you can go back to gaming with a fresher mind and a renewed zeal to win.

Stretching your dollar when you’re gaming can help you enjoy your gaming more. It can also help you ensure that you don’t spend more than you should when you gamble. These techniques, when combined, can make you enjoy gambling without you having to burn through your savings doing so.