How Casinos are Implementing Skills Into Their Games

Oct 31

When you talk about casino gaming, the first thing that you associate with it is usually luck. Throw the dice and see if you’re lucky enough to get a 7 or 11 in craps. Pull that lever and see if lady luck helps you line up the same symbols on the slot machine you are playing. Casino gaming has always been about luck – until now.

These days, when it comes to casino gaming, integration of skills in the newer games is being introduced. While the regular luck-based favorites are still around, casinos have been slowly incorporating skill games into the mix. The reason for this is to cater to a younger generation of players who seem to favor games that require a bit of skill to win at.

Skill gaming isn’t actually new to casinos. Poker is a kind-of a skill game and so is blackjack. While a bit of luck is still required for a person to win at these card games, some skill is also needed to help a person conquer these games. Some people call these games hybrid games since these are a combination of both luck and skill. Whether it’s the ability to strategize better or to detect a pattern in how the cards are being dealt, people who indulge in casino gaming still consider these skills.

What Exactly Can Be Considered Skill Gaming?

The debate as to whether a game is skill-based, luck-based, or a combination of both is still ongoing. If a game requires both, it is usually not considered a skill game. It’s called a hybrid because both are combined for a person to win. Skill-based gaming is all about winning using very little luck and mostly the ability to complete tasks that will help them win.

Skill-based games are essentially those games that are similar to the video games that gaming enthusiasts play. These require dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and sometimes, problem-solving skills, for a person to win. In these games, when a set number of tasks are completed, rewards are given. Examples of skill-based gaming that people enjoy include puzzle games, shooter games, and games that require timing.

Some people go so far to say that blackjack is actually a skill game, if you were allowed to count cards, that is. Counting cards is a skill that can be learned, as long as you are good with math and memorization. Unfortunately, card counting is frowned upon in casinos and anyone suspected of such activity is usually banned from playing and even entering these establishments.

How Casinos are Integrating Skill Games Into the Mix

While most casinos still rely heavily on their regular games to bring in revenues, they are slowly integrating skill games into their repertoire by adding hybrids that combine luck and skill. One example of this is the slot machine that requires a person to press stop at the exact time when the same symbols appear on the screen. This requires precision, concentration, and impressive hand-eye coordination.

The main reason why these skill-based slots are being added to the games that one can find in casinos is traditional one-armed bandits don’t appeal to the new generation of gamers. Since the older generation who used to love these simple games are slowly being replaced by the younger set, casinos need to adjust in order to continue their revenue stream.

Casino games that emulate the video games millennials and succeeding generations love are slowly making their way into both online and real live casinos. If you look at some of the more progressive online casinos that have embraced skill-based gaming, you will find a few familiar titles that you never would have thought to find in an online casino. Here are some of them:

Solitaire – This card game has been the favorite of many players who’ve been playing this game on their old personal computers as far back as the early 90s. This game requires that you use all the cards in your deck to complete a red and black alternating pattern that goes from highest to lowest without getting stuck. This requires some strategy and careful thinking so as to avoid ending the game without having placed all your cards.

Hearts – This is another card game that also requires some analysis and careful consideration of what you keep and what you put on the table. Since this is a game that involves other players, it pits your skills against that of other gamers. You can also choose to play against AI opponents, if you don’t want to play with other people.

Yatzy – While most card games are considered games of pure luck, this one requires some skill since you have to decide which dice to keep and which ones to discard. You can liken this to poker since you have to complete combinations like straights, full house, and pairs. You have to get a higher score in the game by choosing which dice score to add to your scorecard, depending on which part of your scorecard is still open.

Dominoes – Another game that you can play online and against other players for real money is this popular childhood game where you do your best to get rid of all your dominoes before everyone else. Strategy is a must in this game since you have to do your best to block your opponent’s moves while at the same time ensuring that you have open numbers that you can connect to.

Chess – If you are a good chess player, you might want to try winning real money with your strategic gameplay. There are online casinos that offer chess matches with either AI opponents or real-life chess players for real money. As always, first one to conquer the other’s King wins.

Arcade style games – If you love games like Bejeweled, Tetris, Bubble Bobble bubble shooting game, there are real money variations of these that you can actually play in online casinos. There are also stand-alone apps that allow you to play these while earning money as you complete levels.

Quiz games – You will also find that some casinos offer players real money winnings for completing quiz and trivia games. In some games, some questions offer higher points than others while in other games, like those patterned after Jeopardy, let you wager your points when you answer a question. You can earn money on these games by answering questions and accumulating points that can translate to real money equivalents. Other popular quiz game and game show type options you have include Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and other similar skill/knowledge-based games.

Word games – If you are great at Boggle, Scrabble, or other similar word games, you might be able to make some money out of such a skill. There are also online portals and even apps that give out prize money to those who are great at these games. You simply need to win against other real-life opponents or AI players and rack up points that can be converted to cash.

These games are placed in a category all to themselves, which is Skill-Based Games, and the games are usually placed in subcategories that make it easy for a player to find. There are puzzle games, arcade games, card games, and strategy games that you can choose from. Some of these games can be played for real money directly, with deposits and bets being placed in player versus player contests, with the winner taking the prize money. Others can be played for points with the accumulated points being exchanged for monetary equivalents.

There are also some sites that allow you to play popular board games

You can also try your luck in tournament-style games that have prize money pools that the overall winner can claim. There are also online casinos that let you win points toward a raffle ticket that can get you to win prizes and huge amounts of money. In order for you to qualify for any of these, you have to be really good at these skill games.

Why There is a Rise in Skill Gambling Lately

The biggest reason why more and more people are turning to skill games when they play at these online casinos is the belief that they stand a bigger chance of winning than if they rely purely on chance. The idea of using something you are good at to win money from gambling sites is appealing to many because it gives them a fighting chance, unlike when you leave everything to luck.

Another reason why gamers are turning to these skill-based games when it comes to real money gaming is the thrill of the challenge. While you can win big with one pull of the lever of a slot machine, where’s the challenge in that? Winning real money for being good at arcade games or at solitaire is a more exciting prospect, particularly for those who don’t want to put their money all on pure luck.

There are also many reasons why casinos have also introduced these skill games into their lineup. Aside from trying to capture a younger market, these casinos also need to reach markets where traditional gambling games are not allowed. This new approach to real money gaming without the traditional gambling aspect helps online casinos tap customers that they could not tap in the past. This allows them to increase their revenues and to get more people to patronize their games.

To be able to skirt the gambling part that some countries frown upon, these sites offer tickets to raffle draws that let players win big money. The more tickets you have, the bigger your chances of winning. To get more tickets, you have to play more and you have to accumulate points. Accumulating points require that you either complete a game or you win, with winning awarding you higher points. Since you are not really gambling with these games, these online gaming companies can enter countries where gambling is restricted.


People love winning in any way possible. If there is a chance to win real money from a game that you are good at, it is highly possible that you will be playing that instead of the casual game that you usually play. Why spend time on a game that you don’t earn anything from when there are similar games that allow you to earn from them by simply playing and winning, right? This is what casinos are betting on and why they are integrating skill-based games into their repertoire.

The added challenge and excitement of winning because you worked for it and not just because of luck is also another thing that draws players to these gaming portals. All of these add up to a bright future for skill-based gaming, and for casinos that adjust to the changing world around them, the rewards are worth the adjustment.