Good Luck Charms People Use When Gambling

Jan 15

If you’re new to gambling, you will be surprised to find out that a lot of old-time gamblers actually put a lot of stock in superstitious beliefs. They figure, when you follow specific rituals or carry good luck charms with you when you gamble, what is there to lose? Some of the rituals they carry out before starting to gamble can range from simple to outright bizarre. The same goes for the good luck charms that they carry with them. To give you an idea, here are some of the charms they carry and rituals they perform to help increase their luck.

Superstitious Rituals Before Gambling

Some gamblers swear that the rituals they follow before betting on anything usually gives them bigger chances of winning. Whether they are gambling online or in land-based casinos, these rituals are often followed to increase good luck. The rituals that they follow include some of the more common ones you see on movies, like kissing dice before throwing, to totally weird ones that may make you wonder why they do it. Here are some of them:

Wearing red underwear – This belief stems from Chinese superstition where the color red is considered good luck. They either wear something red, like a shirt, to give them better luck at gambling, or something less conspicuous, like red undies.

Not entering via the casino entrance – This is another superstition that people tend to follow if they are going to a land-based casino. This is a rather new one and is to be blamed on the MGM Grand Casino. This also has its roots in Chinese superstition. The MGM Grand Casino’s entryway in the past was that of a lion’s head. To get to the casino, you had to enter the lion’s mouth. This was bad luck, according to Chinese feng shui. They’ve since changed the design of their entryway but the superstition of entering through the main entrance persists to this day, with gamblers entering casinos via the side entrance so as to ward off any bad luck.

Gambling during your period – This is one for the ladies. It has been said that if you gamble when you’re on your period, you stand a bigger chance of winning. This is another Chinese superstition and is probably because it’s all red down there. Whatever the reason may be, if you are on your monthly schedule, you should try your luck either online or in a casino near you.

Washing your hands during a winning streak – People don’t really know where this superstition came from, but it goes beyond just gambling. Athletes refuse to wash their socks or even their undies when they are in a winning streak. Gamblers, on the other hand, are discouraged from washing hands when they are constantly winning. Adversely, if you’re losing, it’s advised that you wash your hands to remove any of the bad juju that is making you lose.

Not having sex before gambling – Another superstition that is also prevalent in both the sporting world and gambling is having sex, or not having it to be exact, before doing your thing. In sports, it is to avoid sapping the testosterone and energy of the player before a big game. In gambling, it is said to keep your luck intact since you did not spend it on getting lucky in bed.

Good Luck Charms You Should Bring With You

Apart from rituals, people also try to bring with them good luck charms to help increase their chances at winning in gambling. These charms, like superstitions, can range from simple to bizarre, depending on the beliefs of the person using them. Here are some of the more popular and more peculiar ones:

Rabbit’s foot – This is probably one of the most common good luck charms around and is carried by anyone, even non-gamblers. The story behind the rabbit’s foot is that rabbits are resilient therefore their foot if carried around is lucky. Another story that is associated with the luck of a rabbit’s foot dates back to when people believed that they are descended from animals, like rabbits. A tribe that believed they were descended from rabbits and hares carried a foot or other part of this creature with them to bring them luck and to ward off evil.

Four-leaf clover – This is another common good luck charm and is one that comes from Ireland. Since four-leaf clovers are pretty rare, with only one out of every 10,000 clover leaves being a four-leaf one, it is considered fortuitous for you to find one, therefore you are lucky.

Cat’s Eye Amulet – This is a Chinese good luck charm and is said to bring the bearer great fortune due to its qualities. The gem is shaped like a cat’s eye and is golden in color. The reason why it’s considered good luck is because of the belief that its reflective qualities ward off evil and bad luck.

Lucky Penny – If you picked a penny, or any coin for that matter, off the street or the floor, you should bring this with you when you gamble. This coin is considered good luck since you happened upon it out of the blue. Of course, there are some things you need to do to amp-up its luck. You’re supposed to soak it in tomato sauce, scrub it until it shines, and keep it near you at all times after it has been cleaned. If the coin was facing down when you come across it, however, you’re not supposed to pick it up but rather turn it right side up so the next person can get lucky when they pick it.

Anything with the number 8 – This is probably where the Magic 8-ball got its popularity. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered auspicious due to its endless shape. It is shaped like the symbol for eternity, going round and round. This means that your luck will be continuous hence the lucky nature of the number. People who believe this carry either a keychain with an eight-ball on it or some other item with the number eight written or printed on it.

These are just some of the things you can use to increase your luck when you gamble. You can follow these superstitions easily when you play online casino games or online slots. You can choose to not believe in these, after all, there is no real proof that these will work, but why tempt fate. After all, just like what old-time gamblers believe, what harm is there in indulging in such superstition beliefs and symbols?