Ganapati Gains New CEO Starting February 1

Jan 21

Ganapati has finally announced that a new CEO will be sitting at its helm, replacing erstwhile CEO Hiroki Hasegawa come February 1. The replacement set to take over the reins in this gaming company is Juliet Adelstein, who joined the company in 2018 first as CEO of its Malta-based subsidiary, and later as Co-CEO of their blockchain department. She also spent some time as the company’s COO after these first two positions.

Adelstein is no stranger to the position and the industry since she has spent a great part of her career in marketing, sports, and was tasked to handle dealings with Ganapati while she was working with Dentsu in Europe. Having worked with a variety of cultures, she was able to adjust admirably to the many demands of her positions in all her endeavors. With her experience and know-how in handling different cultures and bridging the gap between these, she was encouraged to join Ganapati while she was working for Dentsu in Europe.

Adelstein will be taking over a post that has been held by Hasegawa for more than 5 years and is looking forward to the challenges that come with it. The company has stated that placing Adelstein in this position is the right move for them and that her placement is the result of her dedication to the company. It has also been stated that she has what it takes to lead the company where it should go in the coming years.

Adelstein says that there are a lot of big things in store for Ganapati in the coming year, starting with a partnership with Usain Bolt in the creation of an online slot machine game. When asked about her vision for the company moving forward, she has stated that globalization is one of their key goals. They are aiming to create more games that the players are itching to play rather than games that their B2B partners are looking for. This is in line with their current goal to appeal to a more global audience.