Epic Media and QTech Games to Merge

Feb 04

It’s not surprising when companies in the gaming industry merge and partner up, particularly if they are aiming to reach more players. This is the reason cited by QTech with their impending merger with Epic Media. Reaching new markets and expanding their reach in emerging territories is one of the current goals.

As of the moment, QTech serves the Asian market, having been labeled as the fastest growing distributor of games in the region. They have a lineup of games from some of the top game providers in the industry and is looking to expand their reach beyond Asia.

Epic Media, on the other hand, is a company that has years of experience in the gaming industry. They have two of the heavy hitters onboard – Staffan Lindgren and Ulf Norder. The former is co-founder of NYX Gaming while the latter used to be director of development at two of the biggest names in online gaming, which are Evolution and Yggdrasil.

This merger is slated to bring lots of new and exciting things to the forefront at QTech with these two names now joining the team. The hope of conquering other markets after conquering Asia is now on the table for this company and with the Epic Media merger, it seems nearer now than ever. Being the leader in Asia has given the company encouragement to try and tackle the rest of the world. This move is the right one to make for this particular direction, according to insiders.

While Asia is their bread and butter, QTech is also pretty active in other areas of the world. Their next direction is India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.