Can You Win a Million Dollars on a Slot Machine?

Date Created: Sep 23
Written by Jerico

People who play slots often dream of winning big with a single pull of the lever. Who wouldn’t want the lights on top of the machine they are playing to suddenly start flashing and alarms to start ringing to indicate that a massive win is happening, right? And what would be even better than to win 7 figures at such a machine?

Well, as it turns out, winning a million dollars (or more) at slots is not totally impossible. While it is a bit of a challenge, it isn’t something that cannot happen. How else do you explain the dozens who’ve experienced becoming instantly rich with a single pull of the lever at a machine in a casino?

How Do You Win Big at Slots?

Winning big at a slot machine, whether online or in a real casino, can only be achieved a few ways. One is by playing a progressive jackpot slot machine. Two is by playing at a high-stakes slot machine. Three is by exploiting a glitch that a machine has. Let us tackle each option one by one to see which avenue you can take to win that million you want from a slot machine.

Progressive Jackpot Machines – This is the route most people take when they are thinking of winning big at slots, although you should be aware that this is a long shot. Progressive slots are machines that accumulate money as people play it. The more people play, the faster the jackpot will grow. The longer it takes for someone to hit the jackpot, the bigger this money grows.

The biggest progressive jackpot for any one person to have won on record is £13.2 million. This jackpot was hit by someone in the UK in 2015. Second biggest jackpot to be won by a person on such a machine is AUS$10.4. This just shows that winning millions on a slot machine is indeed possible, but this takes an inordinate amount of luck.

Of course, progressive slot machines are a long shot. This is because a lot of factors have to come into play for you to hit the jackpot at such a machine. For some progressive slot machines, you need to perfectly line up the winning symbols and not just have these symbols show up on the reels at the same time. Other machines require that you complete a bonus game challenge and still a few others are triggered by sheer dumb luck (this is when the machine decides to award the jackpot out of the blue, regardless of the symbols on your reels).

You must realize that when you try your luck with progressive slots, that you are one of millions of others hoping that they win the jackpot. This means that your chances are pretty low, or at least the same as the other millions who are wishing for the same prize. When you try your luck on these types of machines, temper your expectations and simply hope for the best when you pull the lever.

Taking advantage of a glitch – If you’ve watched the popular Netflix series Ozark, you will see exactly what taking advantage of a slot machine glitch is. This is when you find a way for a machine to start giving you lots of money due to the way you play. Some people notice this glitch and take advantage of it by triggering the glitch with how they play the game.

An example of this is what happened with the series Ozark, where one of the characters discovered how they can game the system. They do this by using a phone to glitch the machine. When the glitch is activated, they press stop on the machine and it gives them the machine’s jackpot.

Another example of this is the glitch that happened with slot machines in a Jersey online casino. This is a glitch that happens when a person changes their bet after a special symbol appears on the screen. When they do this, the symbol reappears at the bottom of the reel, giving the person another big win.

This last story had a group of friends taking about a million dollars away from this online casino by taking advantage of such a glitch before the casino noticed something was wrong. The amount was cumulative, but still it was a million dollars in total from a slot machine.

Play slots on high-stakes machines – This is something only those with lots of money to risk can do. If you have a rather large bankroll for your gambling forays, then you can probably try your luck at high-stakes slot gaming. You can choose to play at a machine where you are asked to bet $100 per spin. There are even some machines that let you bet up to $1000 per spin. These you can usually find in online casinos.

When you hit the right symbols on such machines, you will be rewarded with upwards of x5000 of your bet. So if you bet $1000 on a spin and you got the highest prize payout on it, you win millions. Of course, like progressive jackpot slots, these machines seldom pay out such huge amounts of money. You need to have incredible luck to get this done.

To increase your chances of winning big without having to spend thousands in one spin, look for machines that have high multiplier wins. Find machines that let you bet between $10 and $100 for every spin. If the machine you choose has a multiplier win of x2,000, you get a win of $20,000 for your $10 bet and $200,000 for your $100 bet.

There are machines that offer higher multiplier wins on their bonus rounds. Some with x10,000 and some that even offer x50,000. Just try to find these machines and try your luck on them. If lady luck is on your side, your $20 bet may make you win a $1 million dollar prize on a slot machine.