British Grandma Wins Lottery Minutes After Learning She Was Cancer-free

Nov 05

The saying that when it rains, it pours certainly proved true for a British grandmother from New Tredegar in Southern Wales last month when she discovered that she had won $1.3 million in the lottery just ten minutes after she learned that she was finally cancer-free.Lynne Price, 55 years old, was still trying to let the news of her positive scan results sink in when her husband, David, rushed home from work to let her know that they had won a million pounds from Euromillions’ Millionaire Maker. “I can’t tell you what I said, it’s too rude, but I was in total shock,” Price said. “I was shaking and totally lost for words, which never happens.”

According to David, though, becoming an instant millionaire is indeed great, but his wife’s diagnosis was still better news. “I went home to tell Lynne, but she had some big news of her own,” he said. “The letter saying she had the all-clear is worth more than a million to me.” Lynne completed the joy of the day by soaking in a nice long bath to savor all the good news she just got. “I went and had a bath for two hours and just lay there trying to take it all in,” said the fortunate laundry worker.

The couple has played the lottery for several years, but had never won a significant prize. “We’ve been doing the lottery since it started. You put your money on, but you don’t really expect to win a million,” David said. He had picked up the lucky lottery tickets while buying milk at a local convenience store.

Meanwhile, it was in 2015 when Lynne was diagnosed with cancer. She then underwent treatment over the past four years. And while David said Lynne’s cancer-free status was a much better piece of news, the lottery win does give them plenty of room to celebrate and unwind after what was undoubtedly a scary period for both of them.

The blissful couple plans to continue working for the time being, but they also plan to celebrate their big win against cancer and in the lottery next month by traveling out of the country. The trip will also be a celebration of their 33rd wedding anniversary. Their goal for the trip is to eventually make it to China. The couple has three children and one grandson, and they are planning to bring them all on their planned celebratory trip.

David also plans to climb Mt. Everest in May 2020, during a three-week expedition, which he had already been able to completely pay off. And though they said they had never won a significant prize in the lottery before this, the win is actually the third big one in the family. The couple is distantly related to Ade Goodchild, who won 71 million pounds through the Euromillions in March. David’s own sister struck it rich back in the 1990s.

It is said that everything happens for a reason, and perhaps all those years of the couple buying lottery tickets without winning were leading up to this wondrous moment. Their big win came at just the right time, proving that two or more great things can indeed happen all at once.