Bad Gambling Advice You Shouldn’t Listen To

Date Created: Sep 16
Written by Jerico

If you’ve gambled once or twice in your life, you will know that there are some people who take pride in acting like they know it all. These are the people who tend to hang around other gamblers and give them advice about their game. One thing we can tell you about these people – avoid them. There are a few people who do give good gambling advice and there are those who try to spout words of wisdom on wagering, but aren’t really good at gambling themselves.

So, while the general rule is to avoid taking gambling advice from anyone, there are times when you can consider doing so. Advice from poker legends and those who are constantly winning in casinos are great advice to heed. You simply need to weed out which nuggets you should take to heart and which ones you should take with a grain of salt.

So what should be considered bad gambling advice? Here are some examples:

“Don’t gamble. You’re only going to lose”

This is one piece of advice that a lot of professional gamblers have proven to be wrong. While land-based and online casinos do make money on people who gamble and who lose, this doesn’t mean that everybody loses. There are a number of people who have unbelievable luck who do end up hitting jackpots and such. There are also skillful players who know how to win at specific games like blackjack and poker simply by being smart about their gaming.

It has even been noted that around 20 percent of players who go to a casino actually leave the place with more money than they had when they arrived. This comes to show that the above mentioned advice is not true. Sure, you may lose, but not all the time. Gambling, after all, has elements of luck, skill, and smarts that you need to have when you play. If you have all of these when you enter a casino, then you may just go home a winner instead of being the loser that the above statement purports.

“Gambling is just pure luck.”

As mentioned earlier, gambling is not just about luck. Yes, you have to have luck on your side to at least give you an edge, but it is not all pure luck. When you want to win at gambling, you have to be smart about it. Know how to read the signs when it comes to your game. Know when to quit and when to continue.

If you’ve heard of the song by Kenny Rogers called The Gambler, you will know what we mean. You should “know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,” as the song goes. You should also know that “every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ is knowin’ what to throw away and knowin’ what to keep.” Pretty sage advice, if you really think about it. The song also continues to tell you that if you want to play the game, you have to learn to play it right.

This means that gambling isn’t all luck. There is an element of learning that you have to consider. Use your smarts, be strategic, and know when to quit when the odds are against you. The talk that gambling is all luck isn’t true or else people who don’t know how to play poker but are blessed with crazy luck should be winning all the time, right?

“If it hasn’t happened yet, it is bound to happen soon.”

This is called the infamous gambler’s fallacy. This pertains to winning and when you’re bound to hit it big. Some people may tell you this during a losing streak and tell you to continue since you are “bound to win” eventually, after losing so much already. This piece of advice is what lands people out in the street and with their shirts off their backs.

Don’t believe in the gambler’s fallacy. If you think you aren’t winning at all on one of your jaunts into a casino, quit. Don’t try to chase after your losses since this will only create more debt for you. This ideology isn’t one you should trust since in gambling, the past definitely has no bearing on what will happen in the future.

It doesn’t mean that just because you’ve already “exhausted” your share of bad luck, that only good luck will remain. There is no such thing. If you don’t want to end up in the poorhouse, this piece of advice is best ignored.

“Stick with the machine you’ve been playing on. It will be winning soon.”

Ever wonder why some people stand behind someone who has been playing at a slot machine for some time? Why do they wait for the person to stand up so they can take over? This is one advice most casino players are familiar with, and for some strange reason, believe in.

When a person plays at a slot machine for hours without winning big, people tend to think that the next person who plays it will win it all. It’s like thinking the machine is a person they are feeding and with all the coins that it ingested, it will soon puke or take a dump. This is also why people stay with a machine even when they’ve already lost so much to it. This is ludicrous.

You cannot really predict when a slot machine will give out big wins. It has what is called an RNG, or random number generator, that makes these machines unpredictable. You can win the moment you sit down, feed it a coin, and pull the lever, or it can win when the next person takes over.

If you don’t want to lose more money that you’re prepared to gamble off, don’t believe this advice concerning slot machines. Take for example progressive jackpot slots. The grand prize can balloon to over tens of millions before someone wins, and just a few moments after the grand prize has been won, another person can win the jackpot again. Albeit, this jackpot may be infinitely smaller than the previous one, but they still won even though the machine just started from scratch.

These are some bad gambling advice that you really shouldn’t listen to, or at the very least, take with a grain of salt. Do you know of any other words of wisdom that people have given you about gambling that you know to be not worth taking?