Are Mobile Casino Games Bonuses Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Jan 29

One of the biggest reasons why people started registering for online and mobile casino gaming in the past is because of all the free stuff they got when they signed up. Free tokens, free gameplay, and other bonuses were awarded to new players the moment they joined. Recently however, you will find that not that many online and mobile casinos offer such bonuses to its new players. Does this mean they don’t have to entice people to play their games anymore? Is this the end of mobile and online casino bonuses?

Free bonuses just for signing up are slowly disappearing and people don’t seem to mind. This is because they still get something else when they sign up, which is the convenience of being able to play their favorite casino games on their mobile device. They also get other bonuses like deposit bonuses and free spins every time they load up. This change is seen by many as a better alternative to the free bonuses that are gained merely because you registered as a new player on an online casino.

Better Bonuses for Those Who Continue to Play

The main goal of most online and mobile casinos these days is no longer to attract new players but rather to keep their current ones from shifting to their competitors. To do this, they moved their attention from gaining the attention of new players to offering old players (and even new ones) bonuses each time they deposited money into their account. This means that bonuses are still there, they are just placed elsewhere.

While these bonuses are not as attractive as those that you get for simply joining the casino, it still gives players a lot of free stuff. It gives out free spins on some of the more popular machines in the casino and gives you more incentive to continue playing. Most of these deposit bonuses help keep people from transferring to other online casinos and this is one of the bigger reasons why these are being offered instead of new player free bonuses.

Mobile bonuses in the past were basically offered to entice people to play on their mobile devices more. Since most people now use these devices instead of their PCs, this seems to have lost its actual purpose. Now people rely more on their mobile devices than they do on their PCs. A lot of people have also started playing more casino games online than ever before, so the main goal of online casinos is no longer in attracting players but rather in keeping them.

Bonuses Currently Available on Mobile and Online Casinos

It’s not that the mobile casino bonus is totally gone. There are still a lot of newer casinos that do still offer this bonus to new players. It’s just that other types of bonuses are now taking center stage when it comes to online gambling and mobile gambling. The most prevalent bonuses that you will find in the mobile casinos you register to play on nowadays include the following:

First deposit bonus – This has taken over the slot of the new player bonus or free registration bonus that used to entice people to register. First deposit bonuses vary from one casino to the next, with some offering double your initial deposit as the bonus. This means if you deposit $100 when you register, you will be given an extra $100 to use on your casino games.

The amount you get may also have a limit, depending on the rules set by your chosen online casino. Some online casinos set a $500 limit on first deposit bonuses. Others set it higher at, at a thousand dollars or more. Very few, if any, give out a first deposit bonus without a set limit, so you can forget about getting a $10,000 bonus from an online casino if you decide to deposit that particular amount when you register.

Reload bonus – This is when casinos reward players with freebies when they deposit a second, third, and even fourth time after their initial deposit. Of course, this also comes with its own set of rules, depending on the casino you are playing on. Some online and mobile casinos give out reload bonuses only during the first month after you register. This means you have to make subsequent deposits within 30 days to claim any bonuses that come with these succeeding deposits.

There are some casinos that have perpetual reload bonuses. Sometimes they call these loyalty bonuses. The rules can also differ from one casino to another. Some reward players a certain percentage of their deposit every single time. Others give out reload bonuses every other deposit. There are also a few that give out these reload bonuses only when you make upwards of $100 each time you deposit funds into your account.

VIP bonuses – This can be considered a part of the reload bonus scheme, although there are some that require certain rules to be followed before you are entitled to such VIP status. For instance, some casinos require that you play a number of times on specific games before you are allowed VIP status. Others require that you entice a few other players to register using a code that is associated with your account.

VIP bonuses not only reward players with free money and spins but they also give these players exclusive access to games that others cannot play. To get to VIP status however, some casinos require that you reach a specific amount in deposits in a month. Some require that you register on a specific portal with an initial deposit of a large amount. Whatever the terms may be, expect that you will be asked to shell out a large amount of money to get to this level and its bonuses.

Types of Bonuses You Get Other Than Extra Cash

The bonuses you get from mobile and online casinos aren’t always in the form of cash. Some of these include freebies that you can use in real establishments around you. For example, there is an online casino that lets you accumulate points that can be used as discount points at retail outlets or restaurants that these casinos are associated with.

There are also some that actually give out real-life freebies when you accumulate enough points on their games. Freebies you can get include free hotel room stays in Vegas, free dinners for two, free entrance to shows, and more. As always, this is dependent on the terms that the online casino has set for such rewards to be given. Some require that you also make a deposit of a certain amount to be able to obtain a voucher for such a reward.

Here are a few more popular bonuses that you can get from online and mobile casinos that aren’t cash:

Free Spins – Some people think that this is just the same as a cash bonus, but it actually isn’t. Free spins bonuses can only be used on specific slot machines so you cannot enjoy it on all of the games that a cash bonus allows. Free spins bonuses however can be rewarded simply because you registered and even without a deposit, so people gravitate towards it.

There are rules that govern the cashing out of winnings that come from free spins bonuses. Some of these rules involve a specific number of spins to be done on the machine before you are qualified for a cash out. Others require that you make a cash deposit before you can withdraw any money from your online winnings.

Free Chips – There is another free bonus that people also enjoy when they register on mobile and online casinos, and that is the free chips bonus. You get a specific amount in game chips that you can use on tables that the online casino has. These chips are usually not eligible for use on slot machines.

These chips may be awarded upon registration, but most casinos offer this as an added bonus for when you deposit cash into your account. These are usually given out as added incentive to deposit a specific amount into an account. For example, if you deposit $100 into your account, you get an additional $100 cash to use in your gaming. But, if you deposit $200, you will not only be given an extra $200 but also another $200 in chips to use on their gaming tables.


All of these bonuses serve a specific purpose and that is to entice people to register and play. While mobile casino games bonuses may still exist, only a few online casinos with mobile versions of their games offer these nowadays. You will find that most casinos now prefer the general bonuses mentioned above to encourage people to register and play. This is to ensure that no matter what platform you use, you will still be enticed to register and play, regardless of whether it’s on mobile or on desktop.