After Licence Suspension, EveryMatrix Signs Deal With BeBettor

Sep 10

After the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) suspended its license, EveryMatrix is now working to improve the processes it follows concerning affordability checks. One step they have taken towards this end involves signing a partnership deal with BeBettor.

EveryMatrix is a company that delivers a modular and API-driven product suite, which includes a one-stop shop casino content aggregator and integration platform, sportsbook and sport data services, a multi-brand affiliate management system, a cross-product bonusing engine, and a stand-alone payment processing product.

EveryMatrix products have the ability to work independently or as a complete platform. The independent capability of these products make them compatible with other existing platforms as well. This means the company’s products can accommodate various types of clients and operators, from bookmakers to lotteries, from newcomers to large operations.

According to EveryMatrix, this partnership agreement is part of their efforts to “radically improve operational compliance” in hopes of getting their suspension lifted. The suspension came after the UKGC instigated a review and examination of the company’s customer interaction framework. EveryMatrix was unable to offer any real remote casino or event betting during the review. The suspension, however, has no effect on their B2B operations.

Asked to comment on their new partnership, EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes said: “We’re excited to work with BeBettor on this novel idea. We believe it will help not only players on EveryMatrix brands, but that this can help drive an industry-wide push for better affordability checks for UK players. Problem players will often have many accounts and the only way to spot and take action will be for us all to work together for a safer gambling experience.”

The iGaming company has already expressed their opinion on their suspension after they have been found not to have adhered to social responsibility requirements in the UK. They have also taken some concrete steps to address the identified issues and are prepared to cooperate with the UKGC. The one thing that has been deemed unusual in the revocation of the company’s license is the fact that the decision was based on the assessment on EveryMatrix general body, rather than a specific case of social responsibility being inadequately implemented.

For their part, BeBettor CEO Harry Cott said: “Given the average online gambler in the UK now has four accounts, isolated operator action will not sufficiently reduce gambling-related harm long-term. That’s why we’re building a networked approach to understanding customers’ affordability, which will help BeBettors operators power the next generation of their social responsibility policies and procedures for customer interaction.”

“Affordability and operators’ social responsibility towards customers is an industry-wide challenge which we are delighted to start solving with EveryMatrix in a collaborative way. We’re very happy EveryMatrix has decided to join the network and shape the future of sustainable gambling,” Cott added.

BeBettor is a technology-based company offering affordability API meant to help solve problem gambling. Their API checks player affordability based not only on the information players provide, but also on the players’ betting patterns across websites connected to the BeBettor network. The solutions they offer are market-driven and take a holistic view at player spending. BeBettor specifically tailors these solutions for the UK market.