$1 Million Draft Fantasy Football Winner Stripped of Top Prize

Jan 30

Cheaters never really win and that is what DraftKings tried to show its players when they stripped their Draft Fantasy Football (DFS) Winner of her top prize worth US $1 million. The reason behind her removal as top winner of the Millionaire Maker fantasy football contest is due to the fact that she tried to game the system. This was done with the help of her husband Tanner Tolbert.

How did this couple try to get to the top prize of this contest? Each entrant is only allowed to create a single account on the platform and each account is allowed a maximum of 150 entries. Both accounts from the couple submitted the maximum number of line-ups, giving them a total of 300 entries. This is considered a breach of the game’s rules since the gaming company has placed Jade as a violator of the multi-account policy that they have.

The stripping of the win and the prize comes after there were user complaints lodged against the couple. The accusation was that Jade colluded with her husband to come up with entirely different lineups for all 300 entries to give them a bigger chance of winning the top prize. This was investigated by DraftKings and has since stripped the announced winner of her top spot. The person in second place has now been awarded this position and is set to win the top prize in this game.